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Getting in the Head

September 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

People are interesting, and since I was a little girl, I’ve been asking questions about why they do what they do. And what they do may be something as seemingly simple as picking up the garbage at my curb, as mysterious as writing music, or as complex as monitoring the development and delivery of a child. Thankfully, people have been gracious about answering my questions, and I hope it’s because they know I’m really interested in them and what they’re about. Yes, I know the guys who pick up the garbage, and I know my OB/Gyn. When I say know, I don’t mean we’re buddies but rather I’m alert to how they proceed and wonder about them as people enough to ask them questions.

I used to fight this urge to ask questions. It seemed inappropriate, but I’ve lived a few years since I first had the thought and have realized it’s all in how you ask. This is a place for me to ask, but I won’t be intrusive by asking questions whose answers are not for public consumption. Apart from that, I’m going to be candid with a vengeance. Given this goal, if you don’t understand something I’m saying, ask me a question! And I don’t care how you ask — on blog, email, Twitter, etc. It makes no difference to me. So don’t wonder. Ask!


Gravity Can Weigh You Down

September 23, 2012 — 4 Comments

For two and a half years I’ve written a humorous blog elsewhere and been somewhat successful at it. Now I want to get serious, but it doesn’t give me any pleasure. I kept asking myself why I had to make things so serious. The conventional wisdom seemed to be dictating to me that I couldn’t discuss a serious topic unless I respected the gravity of it, and of course that meant no funny business. I’m calling bullshit on that. And yes, I realize by saying bullshit that I’m probably precluding myself from featuring some people on this blog. Oh well.

I want to be real here, and the truth is I sometimes say bullshit and quite often think it. No, I don’t mean that I bullshit although I do that too. I mean I see a lot of bullshit out there, uh, in the world, and being so dour isn’t the way to combat it. Humor works best.

And humor is natural for me since it’s often heard at my house and always has been. It even occurs sometimes out of terrible situations. Just the other day Mr. Zee and I got into what I call a knock-down-drag-out argument. Oh, no one got physical, but our words were pummeling each other pretty well. We haven’t had one of these in a good long while. I guess we had one to make up for that lapse. Then when it reached such a pitch that I thought I would faint from the blood pounding in my head, we looked at each other and started laughing. That is far from the first time a serious argument has ended this way. I’m so glad, and before anyone thinks, “Ohmygod, her marriage is in trouble!” Wait. I really don’t care if you think my marriage is in trouble. We’ve made it 29 years, so I think we’re doing fine, and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to fight with, laugh with, and just generally adore. But enough of that. Back to my point.

When going through the pieces I had written for this place, too many of them bored me, and I couldn’t inflict that on you — well meaning as they were. You can thank me later for this kindness. In the meantime, I’ll be working on finding my serious voice.

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Most of us have responsibilities. This morning I got up to drive a school bus. It started as a way to easily go to my kids’ school activities, and I also happen to like kids. But driving a school bus doesn’t make me eager to get out of bed. It’s not my passion. And passions are what I want to talk about here.

What is your passion? What satisfies you? Do you know? I didn’t know for a long time, and now I’m beginning to figure it out. This place is an exploration of how someone goes about discovering a passion and then pursuing it. Come along with me, and maybe you will begin to realize your passion or realize it again.

I want to explore what inflames our desires and what quenches them. I also want to speak to those who have pursued a passion whether successful, still in process, or a failure. There is something to be learned from all of it, and I’m making it my business to find out.

And no, I’m not selling anything. It’s just more fun to do this with others.

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