The Case for Music

November 1, 2012 — 3 Comments

With lots of budget cuts going on in school districts around the country, there’s no question music programs are on the chopping block. The problem with music is too often the justification made for it is anecdotal. Stories of how music has helped students are certainly wonderful, but quantifying its effect on children such that it could eventually become part of the core curriculum, might make it less prone to a hatchet job at budget time.

Studies like this do a lot to help music become less of an extra and more of a core curriculum:

Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat
NOVEMBER 1, 2012

A Little Music Training in Childhood Goes a Long Way

Learning about rhythm, pitch, and melody for 20 days increased preschoolers’ verbal-intelligence scores by an average of about 20%, with more than 90% of the children showing improvement, according to a study led by Sylvain Moreno of the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto…

Read the rest here.

Off to find a study that supports the benefit of surfing the net. ;-)

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3 responses to The Case for Music


    You could also argue that music teaches confidence (handy for soloists) and how to work as part of a team. Worthwhile skills for the business world, I’d say.


    My child who has Asperger’s Syndrome gets two things out of music — 1) an improvement with his math skills and 2) a sense of accomplishment that he doesn’t get from athletics (due to his difficulties with gross motor coordination skills).

    He actually plays handbells in the school “band,” and he takes piano lessons once a week. He sings as loudly as he can, albeit in a very strong MONOTONE voice, and we are never without music in the car or in the house. It is a constant in our lives.

    I’m not sure why this is one area that school districts choose to cut. It has so many benefits. We are a nation that focuses more strongly on the football field and less on the intrinsic value that music adds to the human spirit.

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