Getting in the Head

September 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

People are interesting, and since I was a little girl, I’ve been asking questions about why they do what they do. And what they do may be something as seemingly simple as picking up the garbage at my curb, as mysterious as writing music, or as complex as monitoring the development and delivery of a child. Thankfully, people have been gracious about answering my questions, and I hope it’s because they know I’m really interested in them and what they’re about. Yes, I know the guys who pick up the garbage, and I know my OB/Gyn. When I say know, I don’t mean we’re buddies but rather I’m alert to how they proceed and wonder about them as people enough to ask them questions.

I used to fight this urge to ask questions. It seemed inappropriate, but I’ve lived a few years since I first had the thought and have realized it’s all in how you ask. This is a place for me to ask, but I won’t be intrusive by asking questions whose answers are not for public consumption. Apart from that, I’m going to be candid with a vengeance. Given this goal, if you don’t understand something I’m saying, ask me a question! And I don’t care how you ask — on blog, email, Twitter, etc. It makes no difference to me. So don’t wonder. Ask!


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